ASC Peach State Classic Game Day Info

Posted by ASC Sports Leagues on Dec 06 2013 at 07:45AM PST

Warren Holder Park
301 Club Drive
Locust Grove, GA 30248

After entering the Warren Holder Park drive past the softball/baseball fields on the right. Proceed slightly down hill and then slightly up hill to the football fields on the right.

All games will continue during light-medium rain. Torrential down pours or thunderstorms (thunder/lightning) may cause a stoppage on all fields in order to keep games and scheduling synchronized as much as possible. Final decision will reside with ASC Staff and Head Official. Please be prepared to continue per each decision after any delays.

• A full menu concession will be provided throughout the tournament. Please support the tournament by patronizing our food vendor. Thank you in advance for your support!!!

• Local EMT (On Call)
• First Aid Kits


Rule 1. Fighting and any acts of violence will result in expulsion for the entire tournament.
Rule 2. Teams are required to have a uniformed look, meaning same basic color jerseys/tops with numbers on the front and/or back and the same basic color pants/shorts/bottoms. If a player does not meet these requirements they are unable to participate on the playing field until they are able to meet the requirements of the uniform policy.
Rule 3. Any coach, player or supporter coming off the sideline onto the field to argue a call or disrupt the flow of the game will result in that team being charged a time out. If the team does not have a timeout then an unsportsmanlike penalty and/or ejection may be given by the official(s)

Rule 4. The kicking team has 1 minute to kick off the ball, If team A (kicking team) scores after the conclusion of the extra point attempt(s) team A (kicking team) must kick off the ball by the 1:00 min mark or be penalized 5 yards and charged a timeout. If team A (kicking team) have no timeouts then team B (receiving team) has the options of taking the ball at the 50 yard line (Mid-Field) or penalizing team A (kicking team) an 10 additional yards and forcing the kick off.

a.) If the kicking team does not have any timeouts and the receiving team chooses the option for the kicking team to be penalized an additional 10 yards the clock will continue to run unless the kicking team is gaining a decisive advantage in which case the referee (white Hat) will determine when the clock is to start and/or stop.

b.) During regulation time the 1 minute kicking clock is still applicable for all kick-offs.

• Games will start at 9:00 AM barring any delays or adjustments
• The final game(s) will start at 5:10 PM barring any delays or adjustments


• Available 8:00 PM Saturday December 7, 2013 barring any delays or adjustments.
• A play in 7-Man Screen game will start at 9:00 AM on Field 2 barring any delays or adjustments from the previous day
• The final game(s) will start at 4:30 PM barring any delays.
• Field 4 will be used for the 8-Man Eligible A/B Bracket barring any delays or adjustments.
• The 7-Man Screen and 8-Woman Eligible games will begin the day with the 8-Woman Eligible Champions being played at 12:30 PM on Field 2 and the 7-Man Screen Championship being played at 1:50 on Field 2 barring any delays or adjustments.
• The 8-Man Eligible games will begin the day at 12:30 PM with the Championship games being played at 4:20 PM and 4:30 PM on Field 2 and Field 3 barring any delays or adjustments.


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